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Monika Bargmann

has completed the following course:

Valuing Nature: Should We Put a Price on Ecosystems?

University of Exeter

This online course explored the many ways that we benefit from the natural world through ecosystem services. Learners explored the different ways we value nature, including whether we should put a monetary value on natural services.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Professor Tim Lenton

Chair in Climate Change/Earth System Science

University of Exeter


Learning outcomes

  • Describe the concept of 'valuing nature’
  • Compare different types of services that ecosystems provide
  • Assess the moral and political dilemmas associated with valuing ecosystems
  • Apply your understanding of ecosystem services to peatlands, coral reefs and rainforests
  • Identify key ecosystem services in your place
  • Investigate the best ways to manage and preserve ecosystems and their services


Putting a monetary value on nature

  • What are ecosystem services and who benefits from them?
  • Environmental Economics
  • How much is the Earth worth?
  • Debates, dilemmas and politics

Ecosystem services in action

  • Local Scale - Valuing ecosystems in your area
  • Regional Scale - South-West of England
  • National Scale - Coral Reefs
  • International Scale - REDD+ and saving the rainforests

Issued on 15th July 2018

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Free online course:

Valuing Nature: Should We Put a Price on Ecosystems?

University of Exeter