Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Impact of Technology: How To Lead Classroom Discussions

Raspberry Pi Foundation and National Centre for Computing Education

This course provided an understanding of the ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impacts of technology. It covered how to use dialogic teaching and classroom discussion to guide exploration of these topics. It also showed learners how to teach the planning and execution of essay writing.

3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Dr Sue Sentance

Chief Learning Officer

Raspberry Pi Foundation


Learning outcomes

  • Explain the links between technologies and related impacts, across the different areas specified by exam boards
  • Debate topics covering the entire Computer Science curriculum
  • Develop plans for classroom discussions in a range of formats
  • Engage your students with well-framed, relevant questions
  • Summarise the main laws that affect the use of technology
  • Demonstrate how to plan a written answer to a discursive Computer Science exam question


  • Different areas of impact: ethical, legal, cultural and environmental
  • Setting up a good learning environment for discussion
  • Planning discussion topics and formats
  • Ways to encourage critical thinking about a topic
  • Teaching students to draw conclusions
  • Assisting with the transition from discussions to pieces of writing

Issued on 3rd July 2020

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Impact of Technology: How To Lead Classroom Discussions

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