Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures

Keio University

This online course explored different aspects of Japanese subcultures from 1970s to now, focusing on the significance of immaturity and vulnerability of youth including historic context. It examined various Japanese manga, anime, music and other works from “Love”, “Battle”, “Technology” and “Fan culture” to find out why Japanese subculture attracts “global” attentions.

4 weeks, 4 hours per week


Hisayo Ogushi

Professor, Faculty of Letters,

Keio University


Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate the significant meanings of youth culture
  • Interpret subcultural materials along with social background
  • Compare the context of Japanese subculture with learners’ own cultural background
  • Investigate the reason why Japanese culture has a strong impact and popularity in global context


  • Understanding Japanese youth culture
  • Considering vulnerability and immaturity in Japanese social context
  • Love relationship and self-acknowledgment
  • Battles and competition in educational institutions
  • Machine and Human
  • Derivative works and fan culture
  • A history of subculture since 1970

Issued on 24th October 2019

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Free online course:

An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures

Keio University