Certificate of Achievement

Riaz Hussain

has completed the following course:

Communicating across Cultures

British Council

This course was aimed at people interested in developing their knowledge and skills in communicating effectively across cultures. It helped them build their cultural intelligence, adapt their communication styles and respond to others positively and empathetically.

3 weeks, 4 hours per week

Martin Hope

Director Society

British Council


Learning outcomes

  • Apply an intercultural mindset to communicate flexibly and sensitively in a range of multicultural and multilingual situations
  • Evaluate new and familiar cultural situations with an understanding of how others might react to your preferences and behaviour, enabling you to respond positively and empathetically
  • Engage confidently and effectively with challenging intercultural situations


  • Exploring the foundations of intercultural communication
  • Developing an intercultural mindset
  • Communicating with cultural intelligence (CQ)
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Working in multicultural teams

Issued on 2nd May 2021

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Communicating across Cultures

British Council