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Riaz Hussain

has completed the following course:

Genomics for Educators

Wellcome Connecting Science

This course covered: a range of different teaching approaches to enable teachers to discuss genomics and its applications confidently in the classroom, tackling misconceptions, the sequence of teaching genomic concepts; genomics education landscape; paper-based and computer-based teaching resources, practical lab kits, how to discuss ethics and risk and the development of new genomics-related activities and lesson plans.

3 weeks, 4 hours per week

Dr Treasa Creavin

Head of Conferences and Online Training

Wellcome Connecting Science

Francesca Gale

Head of Science Engagement and Enrichment

Wellcome Connecting Science

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate and discuss genomics topics confidently in the classroom
  • Create and deliver engaging, hands-on learning experiences using open access genomics resources
  • Design schemes of work and lesson plans incorporating genomics
  • Explore mapping of genomics to the curriculum and pitch material for different age and ability levels
  • Discuss ethical implications of genomic technologies with students


  • Genomics in the classroom: from the language of genomics to its real world applications
  • Practical, hands-on learning and experimental activities involving genomics
  • Creating a lesson plan or activity design using a range of genomics resources, with peer feedback on the design
  • Discussing ethical and societal issues surrounding Genomics and the ‘Genome Generation’
  • Genomics topics in everyday science and the news
  • Genomics outside the classroom: outreach, careers and enrichment activities

Issued on 25th August 2023

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Genomics for Educators

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