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Riaz Hussain

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Creating Meaningful and Inclusive Museum Practices

International Council of Museums

The MOOC explored practices for museums to ensure the inclusion of people who, for whatever reason, have been denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural, and social activities. It also encouraged a reflection on the challenges faced by institutions and practitioners. The participants could broaden their perspective on the role of contemporary museums in community engagement and equip themselves with the skills to develop meaningful and inclusive museum projects.

4 weeks, 5 hours per week

Alberto Garlandini


International Council of Museums

Peter Keller

Director General

International Council of Museums

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Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on the importance of historically marginalized groups defining yourself, your positionality and sense of belonging
  • Analyze institutional structures and leaders to collaborative work in an ethical perspective
  • Explain Inclusive Design methodology and its importance in creating institutions that foster a feeling of belonging
  • Apply selected participatory methodologies to their contexts


  • How museums are relating to historically marginalized communities and working collaboratively to open spaces for their meaningful participation.
  • The concept of historically marginalized people (elderly, persons with disabilities, migrants, minorities, Indigenous peoples, members from the LGBTQI and ethno-cultural communities).
  • Different means of inclusion and methodologies that museums are using to meaningfully engage communities and to become spaces of social inclusion and community building.
  • Exploration of a series of methodologies and strategies, such as co-curation, oral history, community collecting, inclusive design and conflict resolution, to illustrate a vibrant and evolving museum practice.

Issued on 24th December 2021

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Creating Meaningful and Inclusive Museum Practices

International Council of Museums