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Certificate of Achievement

Robert Reuter

has completed the following course:

Introducing Humanism: Non-religious Approaches to Life

Humanists UK

This course explored the humanist approach to life through an examination of humanist perspectives on questions around identity, knowledge, and ethics.

6 weeks, 3 hours per week

Luke Donnellan

Head of Education

Humanists UK


Learning outcomes

  • Investigate and explore humanist beliefs, values, and goals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the humanist worldview
  • Apply what one has learned in discussion with others
  • Evaluate the humanist approach to life
  • Reflect upon one's own approach and answers to life's big questions


  • The humanist understanding of human beings: our nature, capacities, and responsibilities
  • How humanists answer questions about the world (science, reason, scepticism) and the consequences for a humanist understanding of reality
  • A humanist approach to making life meaningful and the value of individual freedom
  • The origins and evolution of morality and a humanist perspective on how to be good
  • The humanist vision for society (secularism, freedoms, and human rights) and the motivations behind their goals
  • Different definitions of humanism, its history, and its diversity

Issued on 7th May 2018

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Introducing Humanism: Non-religious Approaches to Life

Humanists UK