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Certificate of Achievement

Vincent VAUBAN

has completed the following course:

Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

King's College London

This online course explored different opportunities and provided tools to improve, manage and use our digital skills for study, life and work individually or through a learning network.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Eleonora Gandolfi

PhD Student in Digital Humanities

King's College London


Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate how to register and log in to websites, navigate the web, create social media profiles for well known platforms
  • Investigate and search for resources to support your job-seeking, studies and daily life
  • Collaborate and work together safely online and use online communities to develop your skills and receive support, as well as understand the importance of a personal learning network
  • Produce advanced digital content and post it to appropriate platforms
  • Identify and discriminate between trustworthy and untrustworthy communications and content online
  • Reflect systematically on your own learning progress
  • Develop your own personal plan for learning beyond the course and using your new skills effectively


The fundamental skills needed to use the internet, including:

  • Email, social media and research through the effective use of search engines and databases.
  • Online collaboration with others - for work, to create digital content, and to communicate with friends and family.
  • Creating advanced digital content by choosing the relevant tools and developing a creative idea.
  • Developing the judgement and knowledge to stay safe online and protect privacy, while treating others with respect.
  • Understanding how to use online communities and develop a Personal Learning Network to improve skills and receive support.
  • How to become a self-directed learner and reflect on one’s learning; gaining the confidence needed to plan how digital skills can be integrated into future study, work and life.

Issued on 2nd November 2020

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Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

King's College London