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Certificate of Achievement

Vincent VAUBAN

has completed the following course:

Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps

University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

Learners explored the world of app design with the Institute of Coding and learnt how to create a great user experience. They heard from industry professionals on how they go about designing and building apps for their users. Learners also had the opportunity to produce clickable prototypes from their own sketches and created their own app.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Tom Armitage

Lead Educator

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the features of a smartphone that influence the design of an app.
  • Describe how interactive and visual features contribute to great user experience of apps.
  • Discuss the various roles and stages necessary to make a mobile app.
  • Identify and describe a simple problem that an app could solve.
  • Design screens and architecture of a mobile app using pen, paper and your own smartphone.
  • Produce clickable prototypes from your sketches and test them.


  • How a smartphone works
  • The features that make a phone interactive
  • Looking for problems to solve with apps
  • Designing an app
  • Testing an app
  • Meeting an app development team

Issued on 13th April 2020

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Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps

University of Leeds