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Career Coaching for Women: Supercharge Your Career with AllBright


This course explored what makes you, you. You should now be armed with your personal self-assessment including clear career goals that are aligned with your value system. You now have the knowledge to hold yourself accountable to your goals, as well as the understand the techniques to overcome any challenges that come between you and your career development plans in the future.

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4 weeks, 2 hours per week


Anna Jones

Co-founder, AllBright


Debbie Wosskow OBE

Co-founder, AllBright



Learning outcomes

  • Identify and assess your strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate whether you are utilising and managing them well enough in relation to your career.
  • Produce a set of goals that are aligned with your motivations and value system and explore how to be accountable to these goals.
  • Practice techniques for overcoming barriers to your goals.
  • Create a clear action plan to supercharge your career.


  • Finding your ‘Why?’: what motivates you and drives you.

  • Discovering your Values: what qualities you wish to cultivate in your life and at work.

  • Understanding your Strengths & Weaknesses: a self-assessment of your current skillset and career position.

  • Goal Setting: how to set achievable realistic goals that translate into viable action to supercharge your career.

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Issued on 13th November 2020

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Career Coaching for Women: Supercharge Your Career with AllBright