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Certificate of Achievement

Kelli Cardoso

has completed the following course:

The Internet of Things

King's College London

This online course explored the innovation & entrepreneurial aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT). It covered topics on the development of an exciting IoT product, the wireless connectivity landscape, security and privacy aspects of the IoT, and business insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week

Professor Mischa Dohler

Professor of Wireless Communications

King's College London


Learning outcomes

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of Internet of Things development
  • Discuss the impact of the Internet of Things on society and everyday life
  • Evaluate different modes of IoT connectivity in terms of their advantages and disadvantages
  • Identify important characteristics of IoT platforms and user interfaces
  • Reflect on the security and privacy questions posed by the Internet of Things
  • Produce a business model for building, marketing and pitching an IoT product idea


  • Defining the features of an Internet of Things product
  • The evolution and transformation of the Internet of Things
  • The technology components required to create an Internet of Things product
  • The pros and cons of the emerging wireless connectivity ecosystem
  • Open data, data analytics and the privacy implications of the Internet of Things
  • Developing your own Internet of Things product or service idea
  • Creating a business model for an Internet of Things company
  • Understanding IoT security issues

Issued on 8th March 2017

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The Internet of Things

King's College London