Certificate of Achievement

Sandra Spruce

has completed the following course:

Archaeology of Portus: Exploring the Lost Harbour of Ancient Rome

University of Southampton

This online course focused on the Roman site of Portus, its history and the archaeological methods used to study it.

6 weeks, 4 hours per week

Simon Keay


University of Southampton


Learning outcomes

  • Collaborate with others to explain and summarise information and ideas relating to Portus.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key archaeological terms such as "context" and "stratigraphy".
  • Describe your own imagined Portus.
  • Identify key locations at Portus.
  • Describe the archaeology of the Tiber delta and its relationship to Rome and the Roman World.
  • Explain archaeological field techniques and site recording methods in terms of their context of use and potential results, and their role in understanding Portus.
  • Compare and contrast Portus at different stages in its history.
  • Plan your ideal visit to Portus in order to tell part of the site’s history.
  • Visualize the harbour at different periods of time and from different perspectives.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the archaeological approaches used at Portus by reference to your own knowledge and surroundings.
  • Explain and illustrate your ideas and understanding of Portus by reference to examples, in a way that others can understand.


  • The archaeological site of Portus and the surrounding area, in terms of its historical context, related written records, and its archaeological and architectural data.
  • Archaeology at multiple scales, from the Roman Empire, via the Roman Mediterranean, landscapes, the port, individual buildings and unique artefacts.
  • The Roman people who lived, worked and died at the site.
  • The range of multidisciplinary methods and theories that are in place at Portus, including techniques, data, values, and ethics.
  • The uses and implications of a range of the archaeological digital techniques in use at Portus, to record, analyse, interpret and present the site.

Issued on 27th July 2016

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Free online course:

Archaeology of Portus: Exploring the Lost Harbour of Ancient Rome

University of Southampton