Certificate of Achievement

Gus Bouari

has completed the following course:

Nutrition Science: Obesity and Healthy Weight Loss

University of Aberdeen

This course was designed to give you an introduction to the prevention of obesity, the role of nutritional and non-nutritional approaches for body weight management and influences on weight stability. The course enhanced your ability to critically analyse current and developing theories in human nutrition and weight management. Psychology and physiology were explored as key components and were discussed alongside achieving weight wellness.

4 weeks, 5 hours per week

Alexandra Johnstone

Professor in Human Nutrition

University of Aberdeen


Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the major lifestyle contributors to obesity and weight gain in society and the challenges for prevention and treatment.
  • Explain the principles of nutrition and how they impact weight loss and critically evaluate the evidence base for nutrition guidelines.
  • Apply knowledge of the physiological and psychological bases of obesity and weight gain and critically evaluate how they can impact weight wellness.
  • Explain the barriers and enablers to post weight loss management and understand their impact on longer term weight management.
  • Reflect on and describe the strengths and limitations of weight loss methods and evaluate these with supporting evidence.


  • Epidemiology trends in obesity to influence prevalence.
  • Role of nutrition to influence obesity and overweight.
  • Dietary strategies on body weight management.
  • Psychology, physiology and physical exercise influence on energy balance.
  • Reflect on the lived experience of obesity.
  • HECoS: CAH02-03-02 nutrition and dietetics.

Issued on 30th December 2022

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Nutrition Science: Obesity and Healthy Weight Loss

University of Aberdeen