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University of Aberdeen

Students at the University of Aberdeen

About University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is today at the forefront of teaching, learning and discovery, as it has been for 500 years.

It has consistently sent pioneers and ideas outward to every part of the world. It is an ambitious, research-driven university with a global outlook, committed to excellence in everything it does.

Over the centuries Aberdeen researchers have pioneered many developments in medicine, science and the social sciences. Five Nobel Laureates have also been associated with the University.

As part of the University’s strategy to maintain its place at the forefront of research its work is split into four themes – Energy, Environmental Sustainability Pathway to a Healthy Life and The North. The University also has a vigorous and wide-ranging public and cultural engagement programme to share this research with a wide audience.

The University of Aberdeen offers an innovative curriculum with exciting cross-disciplinary courses that place students at the cutting-edge of modern learning.

University of Aberdeen Courses


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