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Riaz Hussain

has completed the following course:

Get Creative with People to Solve Problems

University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

During this course, you’ve learned why human-centred design is effective, how to use it, and which jobs use the process. You’ve also become familiar with how to collect the right information and data to prove a solution can work in the real world. You'll have boosted your ability to find effective resolutions to digital problems using human-centred design.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Kim Plowright

Lead Educator

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the kinds of problem that can be solved with human-centred design
  • Summarise the activities needed to run a successful human-centred design project
  • Develop a human-centred design mindset to approach a problem
  • Apply the Design Thinking process to a real-world problem
  • Investigate how making and testing rough prototypes helps improvement
  • Collect information and data that help prove a solution will work in the real world


  • Gain a practical insight into human-centred design (an iterative design process in which designers focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process)
  • Explore the use of design thinking methods
  • Hear from others about how they use human-centred design
  • Experiment with design thinking through a series of simple activities

Issued on 10th October 2020

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Get Creative with People to Solve Problems

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