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Riaz Hussain

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Effective Policymaking to Build the Impact Economy

British Council

This online course introduced the concept of impact driven business and the role government can play as an enabler. It highlighted the scale of the challenges and provided up-to-date learning on policies emerging globally that are working to harness business as a force for good.

8 weeks, 3 hours per week

Juliet Cornford

Senior Consultant Social Enterprise, MBA

British Council

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore the role that alternative business models can play in creating an inclusive, impact economy
  • Identify different business models for sustainability
  • Discuss case studies and examples from around the world and consider how these could apply in their context
  • Assess the policy options and tools available to build the impact economy and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Investigate a range of thematic policy areas through exploring the scale of challenges in these areas, their link to SDGs, and the role of policy for each
  • Demonstrate the most up-to-date knowledge of policies to support the development of the impact economy


  • The challenges we face and the role of business: What challenges do we face and what is the role of business in the solution?
  • Inclusive and sustainable business models: What are the different business models that can contribute to a sustainable, impact economy?
  • Policymaking: What can Governments do to furthermore inclusive and sustainable business model innovation?
  • Social finance and impact investment: How can policymakers and businesses contribute to social finance and impact investment?
  • Climate emergency: How can policymakers support businesses to tackle the climate emergency?
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: How can policymakers support business to create a more inclusive economy?
  • Gender equality: How can policymakers shift businesses to contribute more to gender equality?
  • Action planning, strategy development and next steps: How do you create a strategy for building the impact economy and what action can you take?

Issued on 28th November 2021

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Effective Policymaking to Build the Impact Economy

British Council