Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Transforming Citizen Participation

University of Birmingham

This course discovered the best techniques to encourage citizen participation and taught how to engage at all levels of the public sector.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week


Philip Whiteman

Director of the Masters of Public Administration

University of Birmingham

Dr. Maximilian Lempriere

INLOGOV Associate

University of Birmingham


Learning outcomes

  • Assess the extent of social media usage and the motivation of the users
  • Explore different ways in which social media has transformed citizen participation
  • Critically evaluate the digital "front line" that has been created by social media where citizens can upload crime and incident reports
  • Assess the notion of "sousveillance" and its value in improving relationships with citizens
  • Assess the benefits and dangers of engaging with the public through social media
  • Assess the social media and networking strategies of different organisations
  • Identify and resolve different types of social media implementation failure
  • Critique the benefits and challenges that come from live streaming front-line public service work such as police work
  • Evaluate the reach of different forms of social media posts made by public servants to members of the public


  1. Participation – how people consume current affairs, transforming citizen participation
  2. Relationships – consultation, frontline delivery, improved relationships
  3. Strategies – Mergel’s three strategies, Maijer and Thaen’s strategy, implementation
  4. Ownership – Social media and senior leadership

Issued on 23rd January 2022

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Transforming Citizen Participation

University of Birmingham