Certificate of Achievement

Kewalin Threeraruginon

has completed the following course:

Study UK: a Guide for Education Agents and Counsellors

British Council

This course developed your knowledge of UK education, the UK as a study destination and the benefits of Study UK.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week


Brenda McMahon

Global Head of Higher Education

British Council


Learning outcomes

  • Identify the main aspects of UK education and quality assurance
  • Collaborate with and learn from peers by engaging with communities of practice
  • Explore key resources for counselling students
  • Identify aspects of your professional practice to develop
  • Explore key areas of ethical conduct for agents, advisors and counsellors
  • Demonstrate understanding of specialist entry applications


  • Understanding the benefits of study in the UK
  • Learning why students choose the UK
  • Defining the skills, knowledge and responsibilities needed to get students onto the right course
  • Understanding how UK institutions support learners
  • Exploring the resources available to support agents, counselors and advisors

Issued on 18th September 2018

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Free online course:

Study UK: a Guide for Education Agents and Counsellors

British Council