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René Marsilli Hernández

has completed the following course:

Innovation: the Food Industry

University of Leeds

This course considered the ways in which the food industry has evolved. Through case studies, learners explored the ways in which new innovations have changed the way we shop and considered the issue of food waste as well as the attitudes of society to this global problem.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Dan Trowsdale

University of Leeds

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore the different types of innovation and think of examples of each.
  • Identify the three levels of innovation: incremental, radical, and disruptive.
  • Discuss the consumer needs that drive innovation in the food industry.
  • Reflect on a case study showing innovation in the cold chain process for food delivery.
  • Identify drivers in food retail innovation and discuss future directions for innovation in the food industry.
  • Explore how individuals and groups can aid innovation.
  • Identify examples of crowdsourcing activities.
  • Assess what the wicked problem of food waste is.
  • Summarise in less than 250 words an innovative solution for addressing the wicked problem of food waste.
  • Research and identify the drivers and challenges of technical innovations in the brewing process.
  • Assess your knowledge by successfully completing the test which concludes the course.


  • Key issues for innovation in the food retail sector
  • Drivers and challenges for innovation specific to the food industry
  • Case study: the ‘cold chain’ process at M&S
  • Looking for solutions to the wicked problem of food waste
  • Innovation and technology within the brewing process

Issued on 25th February 2017

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Innovation: the Food Industry

University of Leeds