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Write/adapt a questionnaire for your students

Here are some sample questions [PDF] (also available as a DOCX file for ease of editing) that you might want to use with some of your students.

You will need to adapt them to take account of:

  • the age of your students;
  • the particular aspect of your AfL practice on which you want to focus;
  • the context in which you want to issue the questionnaire.

Next week Chris will help you to analyse your students’ responses and there will be an opportunity to reflect upon the questionnaire evidence.


1. In class are you usually:

  • Eager to answer?
  • Willing to answer if asked?
  • Reluctant to answer?

2. When I choose someone to answer, do you prefer:

  • Hands up?
  • Teacher choice?
  • Lolly sticks or name chooser?

3. How do you feel about being asked questions to which you do not know the answer?

  • I hate it.
  • I don’t mind having a guess.
  • I find it OK if it’s a group answer.

4. How do you feel about my use of questions when everyone has to respond at once?

  • I find it confusing.
  • I like the way it helps you sort us into groups for next bit of work.
  • It helps me consolidate my understanding.

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