Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsWhile hinge point questions are a good way of checking the reasons why a student selects a particular answer, this will help you strengthen the feedback you get from your learner to the teacher. Other types of formative questions allow both teachers and learners to reflect on what is being said and inform both parties about current understanding. In science activities, you need to use both approaches to help you probe understanding of concepts and to help students develop their scientific thinking. During the coming week, you'll probably find yourself sensitised to what your learners are saying, and that you'll find yourself noticing particular instances of learners grasping or not grasping things. This will help you plan those next steps in learning.

Feedback from Chris

In this short video Chris emphasises the way in which questioning can help students develop their scientific understanding.

She also highlights the extent to which you are likely to find yourself sensitised to the questioning process itself, and the way in which your students respond to questioning.

We hope you have enjoyed the fourth week of the course. Remember that if at any point during this course you feel stuck you can post a question in this step.

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