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Q&A session

During the Q&A session Chris and Dylan will respond to a selection of questions posed in this Week 3 discussion step.

The session will take place during the afternoon of Wednesday 23 Novermber. It will be run from the National STEM Learning Centre in York and will be facilitated by Andrea Mapplebeck.

This step will be updated as the recording, transcipt and other resources become available so check back regularly.

Wednesday evening update: We have hit a problem exporting the recording of this afternoon’s Q&A session and will try to resolve this as soon as possible.

Thursday afternoon update: The recording has now been successfully exported and we hope to upload a “rough cut” version to YouTube soon.

Friday morning update: The recording is now available on YouTube. Over the coming days we will look to also provide:

How to submit your questions

Before the event, please submit your questions and comments in the discussion space in this course step.

We will include any updated information about the session in the email that is due to be distributed at the start of Week 4.

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