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Optional resources - Week 1

This week we’ve picked out some resources which look at different types of questions. Most of them can be found on the National STEM Learning Centre website. Sometimes registration is required to access specific files - this is quick and easy (and indicated below).

Questioning Stem Bookmark

This is very useful for planning effective questioning. The idea is to print the PDF and fold it in half and then laminate or glue it to make a bookmark. You can then keep the bookmark in a planner or on your desk to help plan for or think of questions to use in the lesson. Created by our very own Andrea Mapplebeck!


Video clip - Ted Wragg shares his years of research into question types and reveals that in the classroom, surprisingly, only four per cent of questions asked in secondary schools are “higher order” questions, requiring more thought and an extended answer.

Using Assessment to Raise Achievement in Mathematics [Registration required]

Head straight for Section 2: Using effective questioning techniques.

This guidance booklet was inspired by the documents Inside the black box (Black & Wiliam, 1998) and Assessment for Learning, beyond the black box (Assessment Reform Group, 1999) and outlines how assessment for learning can raise achievement.

And finally, some food for thought:

John Hattie: Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

A quick video on sharing learning intentions and success criteria.

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