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We are very happy to welcome you to this course on “Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses”. We hope you will enjoy learning with us by actively developing and exchanging knowledge on this exciting topic!

Do you wonder whether and how we can achieve the goal of a 32% renewable energy sources share by 2030 in Europe? Would you like to find out whether battery storage could be the answer? So, what will you learn along this course?

Week 1

In the first week, you will explore today’s challenges of the electricity market. You will learn about the available solutions that can enhance the flexibility in the electricity market and why battery storage technologies offer a solution. You will also get to know the main battery storage technology groups, their respective most promising technologies and their technical characteristics.

Week 2

In the second week of the course, we are going to dig a bit deeper into two different battery storage applications, more precisely at grid-scale and in electromobility. We will discuss the different services of batteries for grid-scale application and required technical characteristics. You will also learn about the role of battery storage in mobility and which technical characteristics are required for batteries to run cars, buses, trucks, etc. For both these applications, you will also relate existing barriers and drivers in the market to business solutions.

Week 3

In the last week of the course, you will end your learning journey with two other battery storage applications, behind-the-meter and off-grid battery storage. For each of these groups of applications, we will explore the relevant services and required technical characteristics. Successively, the existing barriers and drivers in the market will be explained and you will get to know other business innovations that are contributing to shifts in the market..

Keep in mind that this is a self-paced course, and there is no facilitator involvement!

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