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Week review

Well done on completing the second week!

We hope that you found the peer review assignment interesting and stimulating. Let us know your opinion!

Here are the key ideas that you should retain from this week:

  • Batteries can offer a number of services at grid level The grid-scale application of battery storage refers to stationary battery storage installed at different locations on the grid. In this case, the batteries deliver local support to system operators contributing to solving grid constraints, offering power quality and reserve capacity services and lastly, providing services for energy management. The deployment of batteries at grid-scale has been slow due to limited or vague legislations, doubts around ownership and the high-cost of grid-scale batteries. Nonetheless, the ongoing innovation, emerging business models, the standardisation of grid-scale batteries and the long timeframe of alternative solutions are drivers pushing the growing integration of batteries at grid-scale.

  • Batteries in mobility are a key enabling technology Currently, the transport sector causes more than 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, with passenger and duty vehicles being the largest contributors to this high share. Therefore, electrification of these vehicles, powered through sustainable sources of electricity can significantly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Even though electric vehicles offer many benefits, their high cost, lower driving-range, and lower durability compared to ICE cars still put a brake on the take-off of such technology. Another barrier is the weak value chain in Europe. This situation is constantly changing with the addition of supportive policies, the improvement of both performance and cost of batteries and the improved services in relation to electric vehicles. Their deployment is continuously increasing.

Join us next and last week, where we will focus on two other promising battery storage applications.

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