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Skip to 0 minutes and 3 seconds I would like to give one example as a case study how energy services can help end-consumers. And I’m going to talk about a product we at sonnen have developed for our customers called sonnenFlat. If you’re a customer living in a home and have a solar system and one of our batteries, we give you the option to join what we call the sonnenCommunity. In this community you can, as a customer, get all your electricity needs for your house for free. You do not need to pay extra for any electricity. The way this works is that you allow us to use your battery to provide grid services, as we talked before, to the grid operator.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds So, because we are able to utilise your battery to provide frequency response to the grid operator, we get paid by the grid operator to provide those services. Now in turn, we take that money and are able to give you electricity for free, because you’ve allowed us to use your battery. So therefore, your energy storage system not just helps you with your self-consumption case, it also gives you energy for free, because you are able, with your energy source system, to help the grid. And you get paid for this. So it’s a win-win situation. You can save grid investments on the one hand, and you as the end-customer, have the advantage of receiving free electricity.

Skip to 1 minute and 37 seconds So this shows you how grid services can actually turn into business models, which have great impact on the energy future of this planet.

Business model of battery storage behind-the-meter

The promises of batteries for behind-the-meter application have encouraged many companies as well as entrepreneurs to engage in this emerging market. The companies use innovative business models in order to create value for both themselves and the consumers.

A successful example is the business model operationalised by Sonnen in Germany. This company invites households with PV systems to join their SonnenFlat community.

Read the following page on the Sonnen website and summarise their business model in about 2 sentences.

Try to:

  • Use one of the services explained in Step 3.2 about behind-the-meter application (services to end-users) and one about grid-level services (provider benefits).

  • Reflect on how value is created and delivered using battery technologies and discuss with your peer learners. Which purpose does this service serve and how is it put in operation, who are the customers?

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