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Reference Materials

The following references were used in the creation of this Course:

  • CHAN Sau Yan: Introduction to Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong, Cantonese Opera Project of Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1998
  • Niu Biao: History of Chinese Traditional Opera, Culture and Art Publishing House, 2004
  • Shu Ding: Costumes of Beijing Opera, Art Book Co., Ltd., 2001
  • Chen Zhuoying: Study on Writing and Singing Cantonese Opera, Huacheng Publishing House, 2007
  • Liang Peijin: Development of Cantonese Opera in Guangzhou from 1949 to 1965, Edge Publication Group Limited, 2006
  • Xu Chengbei: Chinese Beijing Opera, China Intercontinental Press, 2003

The section detailing the inside and outside the bamboo-shed theatre cited the summary on Page 46 and Page 47 of “Introduction to Cantonese Opera” in Hong Kong by Chan Sau Yan.

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