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Teamwork of three people with different ideas regarding analysis, estimation and certification
Analyse and estimate your level of skill in particular areas.

Skills audit

Now you are going to put self-reflection into practice.

Your assessment task is a skills audit; it is a process for considering and recording the skills that you have picked up and developed in your career thus far. This task is not graded, but it will be beneficial for you to do in order to reflect and further develop your professional skills.

Conducting a skills audit is an important step when you are planning any career change and will help you plot out:

  • what skills you have
  • what levels they are at
  • what evidence you have to demonstrate the skills and their levels.

Your task

Download the skills audit template and have a look over it. This skills-audit framework is an example from Deakin University. Listen to the audio instructions for the skills audit1 to help you to complete your audit.

Using the list of core Deakin University Professional Practice credentials you can start plotting your associated levels of expertise (1 being lowest and 5 being the highest). You will then need to provide a short example of an event in your career where you feel this skill was obtained and demonstrated to that level (as a means of evidence). At this stage, your evidence does not need to be massively detailed but can act as a starting point for further reflection.

Consider addressing the following questions as you complete your skills audit:

  • What was the most difficult part of the skills audit?
  • What skill(s) did you discover you were good at?
  • What skill(s) do you need to develop?
  • What was your most common credential you found a relationship with?
  1. Download the audio transcript here 

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