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Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Skills you need:

  • Technical background
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Industry certifications
  • Soft skills

Improve your knowledge of cyber security

The modern world cannot function without complex computer systems and networks, it also generates vast amounts of data - as a consequence, protecting these systems and the associated data from attacks is a growing and important field. The people who keep these systems secure are experts in the field of cyber security, and the demand for such experts is growing.

Successful cyber attacks can cost businesses in money, reputational damage and more. Network security is also of critical importance to governments and military organisations. Cyber security practitioners use a range of sophisticated techniques in their line of work, such as penetration testing, end-to-end encryption and social engineering countermeasures.

FutureLearn Online Cyber Security Courses, Programs and Degrees

Get started with cyber security, or explore the field in more detail with a variety of online courses, programs and degrees from leading universities and organisations. Get a quick introduction to the field of cyber security with a free online course from the Open University or go deeper with a cyber security focused degree, MSc or MBA.

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