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Find your way in FinTech with top FutureLearn courses

Ten years ago setting up a bank account took days. Now? You can be onboarded in minutes.

In the past, applying for a new business loan meant in-person meetings with a limited list of providers and a painfully slow decision-making process. Now? You can access a range of lenders online who use AI tools and machine learning to give immediate decisions and guidance.

Over the past decade, the UK FinTech industry has been evolving and innovating to change the way we do finance. It has set new standards in banking, insurance, lending, and trading, and crucially given digitally-minded customers the financial experiences they want.

But, as the industry grows, so too does the FinTech skills gap. According to a recent British government report on the UK FinTech sector, the biggest FinTech skills gaps lie in technology leadership, business skills with a financial and scaling focus, and advanced data and AI skills.

To meet growing market demand, FinTech needs innovation-driven leaders and professionals with the right blend of technology, data, finance, and business skills.

Bridge the FinTech skills gap with flexible online learning

Our platform hosts top courses open to join now from some of the world’s leading universities that will give you the training and know-how you need to get into the industry or move up in your existing FinTech role.

If you’re an experienced tech professional who needs to understand finance better or a finance professional who needs enhanced data and tech skills, our courses will support you to advance your skills quickly and effectively online.

With top-rated courses like Introduction to Financial Accounting and Principles of Wealth Management, as well as Applied Data Science and Analysing Data in Excel, you’ll bank key interdisciplinary skills that you can apply to your role immediately to improve your work performance.

Or, if FinTech is new to you, you can master the core skills and knowledge of a seasoned FinTech professional with popular, industry-backed courses like Innovations in FinTech and Digital Security Training: Cyber Threats and Risk Management.

Become a FinTech leader

FinTech needs passionate leaders with challenger mindsets to navigate change, push for innovation and drive better financial experiences for people around the world.

If you’re ready to join a fast-paced, fast-growing industry that encompasses everything from banking and investing to blockchain and insurance, now is the time to retrain and upskill.

From industry-specific practical skills courses to courses offering the broad range of essential skills required for success in FinTech, join courses from world-class universities and industry-leading organisations today to improve your FinTech career prospects and boost your earning potential.