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Join free online management courses

These free online management courses have been developed by top universities, business schools and specialist organisations, to help you develop your management skills and understand a range of trends that are affecting business leaders today.

The courses will help you:

Become an effective manager and leader

Get advice on leading a team, engaging your workforce and getting the best out of people in the workplace, with Henley Business School - a triple accredited, world-renowned business school that is part of the University of Reading.

Understand people and build relationships

You can discover how to build effective relationships in business with the University of Southampton or develop your cultural intelligence (CQ) with the pioneers of the field, Common Purpose. These courses will help you understand the people around you and thrive in multiple cultures.

From digital technology to sustainability, there are many trends affecting businesses and the role of leaders today. You can get to grips with these trends and keep your management skills relevant in an ever-changing world with a range of academic experts and management professionals.

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