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About 4Talent

Through 4Talent, Channel 4 supports people like you to build great futures in the media industry. People from different backgrounds and walks of life. People at different stages of their careers. People who want to be part of the evolving multi-platform business that is the media.

And wherever you want to be in the media industry, we have a diverse range of opportunities to suit all interests. We’re not just talking about the high profile on-screen programmes - there’s all the vital behind the scenes areas too, like production, creative and commercial, not to mention new media, advertising, press, marketing, commissioning, HR, finance and more.

By nurturing new talent and original ideas, we can inspire real change - both in the industry itself and in people’s lives. By championing alternative voices and fresh perspectives, we can truly reflect the diversity of the UK today. And by challenging people to see the world differently, we can help you get where you want to be.

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