Corpus linguistics

Corpus linguistics: method, analysis, interpretation

Offers practical introduction to the methodology of corpus linguistics for researchers in social sciences and humanities

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About the course

This course has now finished, but you can sign up for the next run of this course which begins on 29 September 2014.

The course aims to:

  • Demonstrate that corpus approaches to social science can offer valuable insight into social reality by investigating the use and manipulation of language in society.

  • Equip social scientists with skills necessary for collecting and analysing large digital collections of text (corpora).

  • Provide educational support for those who want to use the corpus method.

  • Demonstrate the use of corpus linguistics in the humanities, especially History.

*Give a sense of the incredibly wide uses that corpora have been put to.

*Allow those with an interest in language, who have not heard of the corpus approach before, a new way of looking at language.



Other than an interest in the study of language, there are no requirements to join this course.