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In the last two decades, the cultural sector has undergone a radical transformation due to the rise of new media technologies.

The goal of this course is to explore the possibilities and the challenges that the digital era is opening for culture. Thanks to interviews with a wide variety of experts, readings, and discussions, this course will provide you with the necessary skills to:

  • Analyse the economic and organisational models emerging in the cultural economy as a consequence of digital disruptions.

  • Grasp the key regulatory challenges at the national and international levels.

  • Implement a digital strategy to reach a wider audience and build global networks

  • Anticipate the risks that digitalisation creates for cultural institutions.

The course is organised in three weeks:

  • Week 1 will focus on disruptions affecting the cultural economy. We will look at different sectors, such as the music and the movie ones, and analyse how they have adjusted to the new digital practices.

  • Week 2 will analyse how cultural institutions and art worlds have been affected by the digital revolution. We will discuss crowdfunding as a potential new way of raising funds for culture, as well as the way in which different actors in the art world have been using digital tools to reach global audiences.

  • Week 3 will focus on emerging threats and regulatory challenges that have emerged in the age of the Internet. We will discuss the challenges of regulating new Internet giants and the risks that the rise of digital media has created for media pluralism.

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This course will offer you plenty of occasions to interact with your peers.

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  • In week 3, you will also have a peer review task. You will receive feedback from fellow learners and you will be invited to review other learners’ writings.

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