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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Let’s discuss how to download and install R and Rstudio for Windows. I’m going to open my web browser, And the website for R is www.r-project.org. At the top, there should be a link that lets you download R. Inside there, you’ve gotta choose the mirror. In other words, you’ve gotta choose a site that’s relatively close to you so that you get a good download speed. I’m in Indiana, so I’m gonna choose the link from Indiana University here. And then within there, you can download and install R for Linux, or for Mac, or for Windows. We’re on a Windows machine, so I download R for Windows. And you just wanna click on the base link there.

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 seconds At the very top, it should say Download R and then the current version number for Windows. You just save the file, it should just take a few seconds. So now that R is all downloaded, I’m gonna go to its location in Windows. And we’ll run the installer here.

Skip to 1 minute and 23 seconds So we just step through the setup wizard, it’s not very complicated. I’m just gonna install mine in the program files directory there. I’ll install all of the components. Do you want to customize the startup options? No, I don’t wanna customize anything right now. So now it’s going to do the install, and the install’s pretty fast. And it doesn’t take up too much room on your machine either. I think you’re gonna find R is going to become one of your favorite tools for data analysis. If you’ve never used R before, I bet you’re gonna enjoy it. We have to install R before we install RStudio, but that’s the next thing we’re gonna install once this R installation is done.

Skip to 2 minutes and 1 second RStudio is an environment that lets us run R and see our plots, see the help menus, see our files and our code, all kinds of good things all in the same window. But RStudio depends on having R already installed. I should point out, of course, by the time you’re watching this video, there may be a newer version of R and don’t worry about that. If later versions of R come out, the installation ought to be pretty similar. Okay, the installer for R is done. So now I’m gonna navigate to the website for RStudio. So the website for RStudio is www.rstudio.com. At the top, there’s a link for Products. And under Products we’re gonna download RStudio.

Skip to 2 minutes and 47 seconds So we’ll scroll down, we’ll see there’s a desktop and a server version available. We want the desktop version. Can scroll down a little further to download RStudio desktop. And within there, you’ll see some commercial versions of RStudio, but we don’t need those. We’ll just do the free version of RStudio desktop. That’s more than sufficient for our needs. So we’ll click on download or just keep going down the page. And then at the top of the installers, we see the Windows installer for RStudio. So let’s download that. Again, you’ll see it’s just 81 MB download there, not too large. Should take a few seconds, depending on your download speed.

Skip to 3 minutes and 28 seconds Okay, so it looks RStudio is all downloaded. I’m gonna open the RStudio installer now. So once again, we go through the installer wizard. I’m gonna install this in my program files. Takes it a minute to extract the programs there. Again, the RStudio isn’t gonna work if you haven’t installed R already. Sort of like an interface just to let you use the R and put all of the ways you wanna interact with R into one window, into one nice interface, as we’ll see. Okay, the wizard for RStudio is all complete now, so I’ll Finish.

Install R and RStudio

If you are running a Mac, scroll down this screen to the near bottom (but above “COMMENTS”). Click the “See also” link and view the screencast on how to download R and R Studio on that platform.

Recommended System Requirements:

(a). 16 GB RAM or above. A few learners from the past semesters reported that they encountered errors when handling data of multiple gigabytes. It turned out that more than 16GB RAM would be ideal to avoid such errors.
(b). 64-bit operating system, R and RStudio. Most operating systems in PC/Mac today should be 64-bit, just make sure you installed 64-bit R and RStudio.

Having trouble downloading R or RStudio? Comment below for help.

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