Job outlines

You must do your homework when it comes to researching an organisation and you also have to match your skills to those an employer is looking for. The next steps will help you to develop key skills in researching and analysing job adverts.

A job outline provides a clear summary of the key skills required for a particular job, so before you can get your CV matched to the job, you need to know the key skills required for the job so that you can emphasise them.

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Understanding Job Outlines

Navigate to Job Outline – Private Sector Accountant and read the requirements section. Following this, open up the section on further information and read through this, too.

Now click on Magna A, (where you'll find her video) – Fund Accounting Manager to hear her ‘story’.


1 What are her strengths?

2 Use one of the search engines to find FOUR other job outlines from a range of fields - professional, commercial, creative and see if you can identify key skills they have in common.

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