Live broadcast experiment using Periscope

The link to watch the Periscope is here

A quick health warning because we’ve not tried this before!

BUT in the spirit of this course, which asks YOU to try out new social tools and think about how they may (or may not) work for you in a learning or a business context, we thought we would give it a go.

So we’re trying out Periscope - an app that allows you to watch live videos from your mobile device and interact with the presenters in real time, either directly within the app or via Twitter.

If that all sounds rather scary, you don’t have to use these tools if you don’t want to! The session will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel for you to watch later on your usual device of choice.

Lisa will be discussing key themes from the MOOC with some of the Educators and Student Facilitators at 15:00 GMT on 5th November 2015.

To work out what time the chat is for you locally check out the world time converter.

Watching the experiment only

If you don’t have a Twitter account or access to the Periscope app, you can watch the session on your usual web browser and device through the link we will provide 10 minutes beforehand, either live or at any point afterwards on our YouTube channel. You will be able to see the questions and comments as they are raised during the broadcast, but not contribute yourself.

Participating in the experiment

You can also watch live through the Periscope app and ask questions/leave comments directly via the app or by using the #FLdigital hashtag on Twitter. Your messages will be displayed on the screen in real time and we will answer as many as we can.

Getting started with Periscope

  1. Download the Periscope app to your Apple or Android device
  2. Sign in to your Twitter account If you have one).
  3. Sign in to the Periscope app.
  4. Follow UoSFLdigital. You will get a notification when the live stream starts.
  5. If anyone you follow is broadcasting live it will appear on your home screen, or you can browse videos that are currently being broadcast worldwide.
  6. To watch the Digital Marketing MOOC broadcasts, search for UoSFLdigital and select the follow button

Periscope broadcasts are only available for an hour after they end – but all ours will be published soon after broadcast to our YouTube channel.

This trial run is very much an experiment. We’re aiming to find out how well Periscope works in supporting our MOOCs, and what strengths and weaknesses it has compared with other technologies. Broadcasts may not go smoothly every time, but whatever happens we’d love to hear from you about what you think of them.

So what do you think?

Having watched the broadcast and the related conversations, how might you use Periscope yourself – at social events, at work, at college, or to promote your business?

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