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Edward Jenner Leadership for Veterinary Professionals: Your Leadership Self

Explore the concept of leadership, why it matters, the types of issues faced by leaders, and why you are already a leader.

Edward Jenner Leadership for Veterinary Professionals: Your Leadership Self

  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Weekly study 6 hours
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This course is part of the Edward Jenner Leadership for Veterinary Professionals program, which will enable you to develop your confidence and competence in your leadership as a veterinary professional.

Discover what 'leadership' is and why you are already a leader

All veterinary professionals are leaders, it is part of the job. But what is leadership? What makes a great leader? And how can vets and veterinary professionals grow as inclusive and effective leaders?

Answer these questions and more with this course that will introduce you to leadership. You will identify, reflect on and practice leadership skills so you are more prepared to lead as well as possible in your day to day work.

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What topics will you cover?

  • An introduction to the method of study, the course and the other courses that make up the Edward Jenner Leadership for Veterinary Professionals program
  • The elements of good decision making
  • The types of issues leaders face
  • The concept of leadership
  • Why leadership matters
  • What makes good leadership
  • How to reflect on and evaluate insights into yourself

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    This course started 18 Nov 2019

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Describe the elements of good decision making
  • Evaluate different types of issues
  • Explore the concept of leadership
  • Explain why leadership matters
  • Describe the components of good leadership
  • Reflect on and evaluate insights into self

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone working in the veterinary sector but has been designed with newly practising veterinary professionals in mind. It will be especially helpful to those new to leadership.

Who will you learn with?

Jason Brewster

Jason Brewster

Jason is Advisor for Distance Learning at the NHS Leadership Academy. He has worked as a digital innovator, learning designer and leadership development facilitator.

Clare Price-Dowd

Clare Price-Dowd

Clare has worked in the NHS for all her career, in clinical practice, education and management, she is currently a Head of Service at the NHS Leadership Academy

Greer Wild

Greer Wild

Greer is a veterinary surgeon who works as a Policy Officer and on the Leadership Initiative at the RCVS. She has previously worked in small animal clinical practice.

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts

Anthony is Director of Leadership and Innovation at the RCVS and is responsible for the delivery of the strategic ambition to become a Royal College with leadership and innovation at its heart.

Who developed the course?

Our purpose is to work with our partners to deliver excellent leadership across the NHS to have a direct impact on patient care.

Setting, upholding and advancing the educational, ethical and clinical standards of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.

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