Week 1 review

Sirin, one of the educators on the course, made a video summarising some of the main talking points from this week.

Below are some links to comments and resources that Sirin mentions in the video:

Getting to know your learners
Tips for learning students’ names
OH cards
Setting expectations

Ruchi’s tips for building rapport
Telling stories using student names
Elena’s comment about teacher attitude

Salt & pepper
Public and quiet praise
Four ways to make praise hit its mark

Reflection - on learning and teaching
Personal ebook
3 reflective questions

Remember to watch this week’s Q&A video and check out the links to resources.

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Coming up in Week 2

Next week you’ll be looking at the professional practice of knowing the subject. You’ll consider what teachers need to know in order to teach English. There will be more classroom videos and interviews with experienced teachers as well as articles, downloads and discussions to take part in.

We also have a Facebook broadcast event for you to put questions to the educators. If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 2.

If you haven’t completed every step by the end of the final week, don’t worry! The course will remain open to you after the end date so that you can carry on at your own speed.

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