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Hazards at home

Home hazards - sharing our results

Now that we have seen some of the most common hazards, let’s see if we can identify any others around our home. If you are struggling to find any around your home, think about any hazards you face in your friends’ or family’s home.

  • Would you like to share a photograph of any hazards you have spotted? Don’t worry if you can’t share a photo. You could describe the hazard in the comments section below and also view other people’s photos here.

If you want to upload your own photos, here are some brief instructions. You will find more detailed instructions (including how to upload directly from a phone or tablet) in the ‘Downloads’ area below.

Once you have taken your photo:

  1. save it to your computer
  2. then click ‘Add and view photos’ below
  3. on the new page double click your mouse
  4. add your name or a picture title
  5. click the camera symbol, then the upload tab and then choose a picture to upload

Add and view photos

  • Have a look at other people’s photos
  • Share your comments below

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