Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsCongratulations you just completed this fantastic three week intense course on the diagnosis, epidemiology, and management of complex infections with a gram-negative bacteria. We sincerely hope to hear back from you. We need your feedback to make this course better. We're hoping that you will be able to implement what you learned here in these three weeks in your clinical practise, but also educate others. If you take care of patients, if you have students, wherever you practice around the globe, we hope that this course will help you take better care of our patients, be a better antimicrobial steward and implement useful changes in your practise to prevent the spread of these important organisms. Why this matters?

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 secondsI think you've learned in the last three weeks that there is a global burden of infections caused by gram-negative bacteria. We're running out of antibiotics. And it's up to each one of us to change the way we prescribe antibiotics, we control infection prevention, and we take measures to prevent the spread of these infections. You learned about the mechanisms of resistance and how gram-negative bacteria passes of resistance between each other and other species. You learned about the global burden of these infections and three important common clinical scenarios that we all encounter which are cystitis, a complicated urinary tract infection, and also a ventilator associated pneumonia that was very complex to manage due to the multidrug resistance of the organism.

Skip to 1 minute and 46 secondsWe also taught you what are the possible antibiotics coming down the pipeline to manage infections that are resistant such as pseudomonas. And we shared with you useful tools to implement the infection prevention measures and guidelines in the management of multidrug resistant gram-negative infections. We look forward to your back from you and what other courses we can make to make your learning experience around the world much better. We thank the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and FutureLearn for partnering with us in putting together this three week course. Thank you.

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In this video Dr Lilian Abbo rounds up the course, thanking you for your participation and suggests some next steps.

Many of the resources together with additional content are also available on the BSAC Antimicrobial Resource Centre (ARC) website.

You can find useful resources at the BSAC ARC.

Learners are also invited to submit local resources that they wish to share with others and can do so by completing and submitting this form.

And finally, why don’t you have a look to see the other healthcare antimicrobial chemotherapy courses produced by BSAC.

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Challenges in Antibiotic Resistance: Gram Negative Bacteria