Democracy and Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this speech, Jairo Acuña, UNDP Governance Leader for Latin America and the Caribbean, presents the regional context and the main challenges for development in the region, including the consolidation of democracy as a key factor in this process.

Even when important progress is made in the development indicators at the regional level (education, health, and income), making Latin America and the Caribbean a region of middle income, this has not converted it into a middle class society. This is one of the main contradictions in the development process, but not the only one.

Therefore, it is necessary, says the expert, to understand the structural deficiencies that generate inequality and violence in the region, as well as a downward perception of the importance of democracy.

Ensuring the three main development paths: inclusion, productivity and resilience, together with effective governance in the region, is the main challenge in Latin America

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations