Realise your vision

If you have come to this course with a fully formed or a seed of an idea for an innovation, you will want to apply your learning to this innovation.

Reflect and record

To help you develop your ideas we have provided a template document called Realise your vision; you can use this to refine your thoughts as you work through the course. We suggest you work on this as a background task and think carefully about sharing your idea within the discussions. This document can be accessed from the Downloads section below and will be referred to at relevant points during the course.

Intellectual property considerations

During this course you will have opportunities to discuss innovative ideas with fellow learners as well as the educators. By asking others to challenge your ideas you can refine your thoughts and improve your business plans.

However, it is important to remember that we live in a competitive world and it is important that you carefully consider the implications of sharing information. If you own your business you may weigh up the risk involved by sharing your ideas against this great opportunity to receive feedback and learn from others.

However as an employee you need to consider confidentiality. We strongly recommend that you only discuss innovations currently in the public domain and you do not share any current or future plans.

To find out more about protecting intellectual property access the UK Government site in the See Also section below.

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