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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds NARRATOR: Hungry Harry goes to Glenda’s Groceries to purchase some fruit. Big red apples are on show for $1 each. Harry pops an apple in his basket. Next is a sign advertising lemons at a special price, but there are no lemons left. Harry buys his apple and tells Glenda the grocer that he also wanted a lemon, but she says they don’t have any. Harry’s not happy because the sign at the front was advertising lemons, and he really wanted a lemon. Can he demand that Glenda supply him with a lemon?

Skip to 0 minutes and 38 seconds When Harry gets home and takes a bite of his juicy red apple, he’s horrified to discover that there’s a bug smiling back at him. Did Harry and Glenda have a contract when he purchased the apple? Can Harry demand a refund or an exchange for his apple? Harry decides to order some seeds so he can grow his own vegetables at home. He orders online and wants them delivered in the springtime because this is the best time for planting. He tells the seller of his intention. Harry pays up front, but the months go by and the seeds don’t turn up until the summer.

Skip to 1 minute and 19 seconds Time was of the essence to Harry, so while he does now have the seeds, he doesn’t have a use for them anymore because the planting season has finished. Can he ask for his money back?

Case study 1: Harry goes shopping

Watch “Harry goes shopping” for examples of everyday situations that you may not think are bound by contract law.

Talking point

Within the Comments, consider sharing with other learners your thoughts on the situations faced by Harry in the case study:

  • The sign in Glenda’s shop was advertising lemons, but all of the lemons have been sold. Can Harry demand Glenda to supply him with a lemon?

  • Harry discovers a bug in the apple he purchased from Glenda’s shop. Did Harry and Glenda have a contract when he purchased the apple and can Harry demand a refund or an exchange?

  • Harry purchases some seeds online, but they are delivered after the planting season is finished. Harry no longer has a use for the seeds. Can he ask for a refund?

Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion by reviewing the comments made by other learners, making sure you provide constructive feedback and commentary.

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