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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds PROFESSOR: The Australasian Legal Information Institute, AustLII, has a wealth of information and resources available. From looking at their home page, you can see just how extensive their collection is. They have cases added shortly after they are handed down from the courts, legislation from federal and state governments law journals, law reform materials, and more. You can search the whole site or you can click through to a specific area. Let’s try going into Law Journals and then searching for “intellectual property” and “song.” Note that there is also an option to search law on Google Scholar here. The double quotes search this as a phrase. We get a whole range of results, which you can order in different ways.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 seconds Sort by relevance or date are two of the most useful. Scan the results to get an overview and introduction to some of the issues in this area. There is an extensive range of legal information institutes for other countries, which you can also access. Let’s go to WorldLII now to have a look. Scroll down the screen. You’ll note the range of legal information institutes valuable. For example, CanLII for Canada, AsianLII for Asia, and NZLII for New Zealand. For more information on specific countries, go to the All Countries link and then find the link to your own country. The number of websites which are available will vary significantly between countries. Click through to your country and see what is listed here.

Skip to 1 minute and 58 seconds Another type of resource are LibGuides or library guides, which are freely available online resources published by educational institutions around the world. They’re designed to guide you to specific resources and also to provide help and support with using the resources. Let’s have a look at our Monash Law Resources library guide. This guide links through to a wide range of resources within Australia. it is divided up into types of resources, So legislation, cases and secondary sources, or discussion about particular issues and aspects of the law. While this guide is fairly accessible, some links go to resources which you need a subscription to access. But there are also some free options available.

Skip to 2 minutes and 48 seconds I’d recommend you also have a look at our foreign law resource guide. This guide is divided between countries. Check what is listed under your country. You may find that you come across the same sites you are already aware of, but there may be some additional resources. Now go back to Advanced Google. Is there a library guide you can locate? Universities close to you may well have developed a guide to the law, which you can access. Note you should search for these under the .edu domain. Check out what you can find, and happy discovering the law.

How to access online law resources

Watch Caroline show you how to use the Monash Law Resources Library guide, Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) to access legal information online.

Go to See also for links to the law-related online resources mentioned by Caroline in her video.

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