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Learners completing this week's study group task.

This week’s study group task

Learn more about your study group task for Week 1.

This week is all about contract law, where people agree to be legally bound, such as when you purchase goods or services. In your study group this week, you’re going to compare and discuss the approaches of differing legislation/case law governing the sale of goods from different jurisdictions and then share it with all the other learners.

What you need to do

  1. Go to your study group and introduce yourself to the other learners. Tell other learners why you’re taking part in the course.

  2. As a group, decide who will be your reporter for this week’s task. Their job is to share with other learners what you’ve produced as a group. Consider having more than one reporter in your study group, if there happens to be a need later in the week.

  3. By yourself, work through the course, completing Law in your backyard. Afterwards, work through the comments made by learners, choose four other jurisdictions and then identify their legislation/case law governing the sale of goods in that jurisdiction. Collate your key findings, including your own jurisdiction, and then share these five with the other members of your group.

  4. As a group, discuss the merits of the differing approaches of each jurisdiction that were contributed by your group members; which features do you prefer, and why? Does each jurisdiction provide efficient remedies to consumers? Are laws consumer friendly? Compile a list (in an agreed comparable format) of the jurisdictions and quality features that your group thinks should be adopted in an ideal jurisdiction.

  5. If you’re the reporter, share the list with other learners in the Comments section of the Weekly feedback for Week 1 step by Thursday 2 February.

We'd love for the work you produce as a study group to meet the 1200 character limit of the comments, but if you find that you're working on a longer piece of writing with your study group or just need a place to workshop your ideas, consider using temporary text hosting tools like Pastie or NoteHub. Find out more about using Temporary text hosting.

At the end of this week, learners who have joined a study group will share the work they’ve produced for this week’s study group task. Once they have, be sure to provide your own constructive feedback and commentary.

If you missed this week’s group task, or are catching up with the course - you’re not alone - be sure to provide your own constructive feedback and commentary.

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