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Leadership Coaching through Turbulent Times: Playing with eFIRE

Use eFIRE, a coaching mindset and methodology, to make better leadership decisions in the face of a complex and challenging world.

Leadership Coaching through Turbulent Times: Playing with eFIRE

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Enhance your leadership impact with eFIRE, a new methodology for coaching.

In today’s complex and uncertain world, how can you use coaching and mentoring to untangle messy problems and find solutions that will help you – and your staff – to survive as well as thrive? What strategies can help you to enhance the potentials and overcome the pitfalls of the leader-as-coach?

This online course will show you how to apply eFIRE, a unique coaching model, to increase your impact as a leader, reflect on your experiences and receive peer feedback. You’ll explore a variety of coaching cultures through vignettes and the lens of leaders who are experiencing challenges with staff.

Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsHello. I’m Geoff Abbott, Director of executive coaching at QUT's Graduate School of Business in Brisbane, Australia. Welcome to Leadership Coaching through Turbulent Times, playing with eFIRE. This course is designed for leaders

Skip to 0 minutes and 18 secondswho are facing these kinds of pressures: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, or VUCA, in their business world. It presents the eFIRE approach to leadership coaching - a model and a mindset - designed for people confronting messy challenges. It’s drawn from the best knowledge in areas such as psychology, business, sport, and economics in a form that is easy to digest and easy to apply. We'll follow the story of Gerick and Jas as they attempt to adopt a coaching approach to their leadership in the VUCA environment. We will challenge you to do the same. Join me as we play with eFIRE and help you to tackle your individual challenges in the VUCA world of organisational life.

What topics will you cover?

  • The what, why and how of the eFIRE coaching model and mindset
  • An organisational view: Considering a coaching culture
  • Looking ahead: Possibilities and pitfalls of the leader-as-coach

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  • Available now
    This course started 4 Nov 2019

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Apply the eFIRE coaching model in leadership conversations
  • Discuss approaches to coaching when applied to leadership practice and development
  • Identify strategies to enhance the potentials and overcome the pitfalls of the leader-as-coach

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at executives, consultants and human resource professionals, with a global mindset, who seek to sharpen their leadership practice through coaching and mentoring, and possibly become coaching champions in their organisations.

Ideally, you would have significant professional knowledge of business (in the corporate, government or not-for-profit sectors), as well as full-time, post-degree, professional, supervisory or managerial experience.

You do not need prior coaching or mentoring experience to take part.

Who will you learn with?

Geoffrey Abbott

Geoffrey Abbott

Director of Executive Coaching at QUT Graduate School of Business. Leadership coaching advocate, educator and practitioner with a commitment to the power of 'serious play' in coaching conversations.

Who developed the course?

QUT is a leading Australian university ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Located in Brisbane, it attracts over 50,000 students.

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