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Richard and Sherelle

Feedback from Craig and Richard

Watch Richard, Sherelle and Craig’s feedback video on YouTube

Course Educators Associate Professor Craig Hassed, and Dr Richard Chambers, along with course mentor Dr Sherelle Connaughton have recorded an informal video that’s now available on this step.

In the video, Richard, Craig and Sherelle provide encouragement and feedback drawing on various issues and questions that have arisen from comments, discussions and learner activity throughout the course.

In the See also section of this step below, you can also access links discussed by Richard, Craig and Sherelle in the video, for optional additional information.

This week we have a bonus video for course participants. Course Educator Associate Professor Craig Hassed talks to Jon Kabat-Zinn while attending the ‘Mindfulness in Higher Education’ conference in the UK. He also talks with Chris Ruane and Jaimie Bristow from The Mindfulness Initiative.

Watch Craig’s Mindfulness Interviews from the UK on YouTube

The link is unlisted - as the video is intended for the course participants only. Please think twice before sharing.

A transcript of the main feedback video is now available from the Downloads section of this step. Note it has not yet been manually edited and proof-read. A revised transcript will be uploaded in the coming weeks, once it has been reviewed.

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Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

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Get a taste of this course

Find out what this course is like by previewing some of the course steps before you join:

  • Welcome to the course
    Welcome to the course

    In this video, Craig Hassed and Richard Chambers introduce the course and talk more about what you’re going to learn.

  • Introduction to week 2
    Introduction to week 2

    Watch Richard explain the fight/flight response, why it happens, and how to recognise it.

  • Craig and Richard.
    Feedback from Craig and Richard

    Feedback from Craig and Richard is an informal video recorded at the end of each week.

  • Welcome to week 3
    Welcome to week 3

    In this video, Craig Hassed introduces why attention matters so much for learning and performance.

  • Introduction to week 5
    Introduction to week 5

    In this video, Craig Hassed introduces this week’s topic on the relationship between mindfulness, communication and relationships.

  • Welcome to week 6
    Welcome to week 6

    Watch Richard review the course and talk about how you can continue practising and applying mindfulness.

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