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The University of Southampton combines academic excellence with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to research, supporting a culture that engages and challenges students and staff in their pursuit of learning.

Through world-leading research and enterprise activities the University of Southampton connects with businesses to create real-world solutions to global issues.

Through its educational offering, it works with partners around the world to offer relevant, flexible education, which trains students for jobs not even thought of.

This connectivity is what sets Southampton apart from the rest; we make connections and change the world.

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MSc Diabetes Best Practice

Our MSc Diabetes Best Practice degree is designed to equip workforces and individuals with the skills and knowledge to meet future diabetes healthcare demands in the UK and internationally.

This comprehensive programme provides broad training in the skills required to understand and manage people with diabetes, helping them achieve optimal self-management and psychological well-being.

Aligned to Diabetes UK best practice and World Health Organization recommendations, our masters course will develop your scientific understanding, clinical knowledge, practical skills and critical thinking qualities

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Other *free* University of Southampton FutureLearn courses starting soon

5th June 2017 (3 weeks): Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environments Explore the barriers experienced by disabled students and learn how to overcome these barriers through with inclusive practices.

5th June 2017 (3 weeks): Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo Find out about the Battle of Waterloo and explore the Duke of Wellington’s archive with this free online course.

19th June 2017 (3 weeks): Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business Learn to build relationships and manage contracts successfully with this free online course backed by UK government and IACCM.

26th June 2017 (4 weeks): English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics Equip yourself to teach in international contexts by increasing your English language skills and intercultural knowledge.

3rd July 2017 (2 weeks): Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World Explore how the web has changed our world and what the future might hold, with this free online course introducing Web Science.

17th July 2017 (4 weeks): Exploring our Oceans Explore the half of our world covered by deep ocean, and how our lives affect the hidden face of our planet.

For a full list of courses from the University of Southampton see the FutureLearn website.

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