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One Health

One Health seeks to enhance interdisciplinary collaborations across human, animal, and environmental sectors, in order to achieve better public health outcomes for all.

Why join this degree?

One Health embraces traditionally separate fields including human medical health disciplines, veterinary medicine, and the interactions of human and animal populations with the environment. By joining One Health you’ll learn why complex health problems such as disease pandemics cannot be prevented or controlled by specialists in one discipline alone, but require contributions from multiple specialists working in collaboration. This degree has been designed for current and aspiring government officials, researchers and workers employed across health sectors at local, national, and global levels.

Graduate Certificate

This postgraduate degree enables graduates to see beyond their initial disciplinary specialisation and appreciate the range of insights needed for the effective management of community health issues.
1 year
$7,200 AUD (total tuition fee)
$1,800 AUD (price per program)
4 programs
Fully online

What do I need to apply?

  • Bachelor’s degree in associated discipline
  • English competence

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Explain the rationale for combining different health professions to tackle sustainability and the emergence of zoonotic diseases
  • Apply systems thinking to illustrate the importance of bringing together multiple disciplines (health, environmental, social/economic)
  • Communicate effectively using various methods (including policy documents and social communications) for diverse audiences (government, industry, community)
  • Critically appraise arguments in public health (both environmental and related to infectious disease); biosecurity and food security; and evaluate their economic impact from a One Health perspective
  • Apply research protocols to solve problems
  • Work collaboratively in teams.

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